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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Event Consultant?

In a nutshell, an event consultant is a professional whose training, expertise, and contacts will help to make your event as close to perfect as it possibly can be, thus allowing you and your family to relax and enjoy your event.

Why should I hire an Event Consultant?

People are often under the misconception that planning your own event and preparing the food, setup, decorating and cleanup will save money. In fact, it can sometimes cost more, not just in money, but in time and headaches as well. A good consultant can work with you and your budget, saving valuable time and money allowing you to enjoy the event.

  • Provides Expertise: A consultant can help to plan, coordinate and direct the complete event including Day-of-Event troubleshooting. Coordinators will tell you, they wear many hats. They will counsel clients on what is possible within their budgets, offer advice on all aspects of the event and can do the actual legwork of selecting professional vendors. In addition, they can manage all areas of the event, so clients, and all others involved can be worry-free to enjoy the day. Consultants are responsible for coordinating all professionals as a team. Communication is a key factor in any successful event.
  • Saves Time: The majority of the time it takes for a client to plan and coordinate their own event is spent on research. We have done the research and have the knowledge and expertise to locate a site or other professional vendors to match the couple's personality, style and budget.
  • Saves Money: Clients sometimes feel a consultant can be an additional expense that they cannot afford. In fact, a consultant can be your best investment, especially if you are on a strict budget. The consultant's fee should be considered as part of the budget and not an extra expense. An experienced consultant can help their client avoid common mistakes and keep within the budget. Working with vendors can be costly if the right questions are not asked. A good consultant has researched several vendors in each category and the vendors in your consultant's preferred list should provide an excellent combination of value, quality, style and personality.
  • Solves Problems and Saves Stress: Having a personal consultant coordinating and troubleshooting on your event day gives you and your family peace of mind so you can enjoy your special day worry-free. The careful planning and expert referrals by a consultant will virtually eliminate the risk of mishaps on event day. However, in the unlikely event of a missed delivery or another emergency, your consultant will have every resource to rectify the problem right at their fingertips. A well-trained consultant is an invaluable resource for you and your family saving you concern about any aspect of your important event.

What happens at the initial consultation appointment? A one-hour no cost and no obligation initial consultation is always happily provided at a time that is convenient to the client. During the initial consultation, we will discuss the overall vision you have for your event and what type of services you desire. We will begin by detailing how we put an event together and then asking you to describe the style you have in mind. We encourage couples to ask as many questions as they can think of during this consultation, as most clients may not have planned an event of this magnitude.

We always have a contract for services with us in case a client is ready to make the decision to hire Bright Ideas Productions, however, we do not expect you to make any decisions during this consultation. The consultation is provided free of charge to give you a better understanding of what services we can offer, a big picture of the event planning process, and to provide you with the comfort to know we are here to assist you!

What packages do you offer?

Bright Ideas Productions offers three different packages.

  • Comprehensive or Full Services
    In the comprehensive service you receive our time and expert advice on all aspects of your event.  We deal with the event from start to finish including: invitations, rehearsal dinner, the ceremony and reception, decorations, flowers, photography, entertainment, food and beverages, and gifts and travel.  We can serve as an organizer, coordinator, scheduler, creative director, financial planner, supervisor, and mediator.  We attend to the last-minute details by attending the event.  Comprehensive service saves you a significant amount of time, stress, and money.  We can also help you stick to a budget, negotiate costs with vendors, and find affordable alternatives to original plans.
  • Planning and Coordinating Services

    Planning and coordinating services consist of planning beyond the initial consultation.  We could help with planning of some or all of the event, depending on your needs.  Planning and coordinating services are appropriate for our clients who want to make their own arrangements but want plenty of guidance.  You may want to spend significant time with us beyond an initial consultation session.

  • Event-Day Coordinating Services
    We will attend the event to make sure things run smoothly.  As your event-day directors, we are responsible for making sure all of the vendors fulfill their agreements with you and that all the services are coordinated as planned.  Having an event-day director allows you to enjoy the festivities and to have quality time with your guests while we attend to last-minute details.

How many individuals will work on planning this event and do you have a back-up consultant in case of emergency?

Bright Ideas Productions is made up of both event planners and event coordinators.  No matter what size your event is, there will be an event planner and/or event coordinator present.  Additionally, for assistance with larger events, elaborate setup on a short time schedule or setup at two locations, additional assistants may be retained as needed for particular tasks. In the event a personal emergency arises and Bright Ideas Productions is unable to complete the contracted services Bright Ideas Productions will have secured a backup consultant. This ensures that no client is left unattended to. All backup consultants are professional and competent to step in and take over at no additional cost to you.

We will remove the burden from your shoulders throughout the months, so you truly enjoy the end result of the detailed planning and coordinating that Bright Ideas Productions will provide.

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